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Aster is the story of a man with a multicultural vision, urged by his long travels all over the world. A free and youthful spirit, with a modern lifestyle, who is always searching for new horizons, every culture he knows, Aster is a man of today with a strong passion for travel and design. 

Born out of a full life with multiple stories, the brand Aster expresses the personality of this man in the world of interior design.  
Intending to create a brand with roots in his birthplace, where the long tradition of craftsmanship is celebrated, Aster gives rise to a design style-oriented by simplicity, timelessness, and modernism in full harmony with the spaces that host it.  

Aster’s designs enforce their presence through the undistinguished visual appeal that speaks to different styles, creating a harmonious dialogue between each piece and the interior where it is.

Impressing with its modern simplicity and timeless aesthetic, Aster has crafted a concept guided by a tailor-made approach and exceptional craftsmanship, creating a unique language with Portuguese identity. The search for perfection in each detail, balance, and proportions sets Aster’s designs, giving prominence to the high quality and know-how that conveys the luxury feel.

His origins and background, his passion for travels, bringing together distant worlds, are interpreted in a clean and fluid style improved by the use of high-quality materials: wood, brass, leather, and soft velvet. A complete wide range palette of beiges, greys, and browns tonalities cultivate a simple sophistication focused on singular interior identities.